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Need additional income to qualify for a mortgage? Asset depletion may be your solution for financing. Use liquid assets in combination with, or in lieu of income to qualify for a loan.

For example: If you are self-employed and you expense your adjusted gross income to the point you cannot qualify for a traditional loan, but have considerable assets, you can use those assets for qualifying purposes. 

Please don't hesitate to contact a Truss Financial Group representative for assistance with the following calculations:


  • Use Liquid Assets to Qualify

  • Amortized/Annuitized to age 85 or 30 years, whichever is less

  • The following can be used to qualify:

    • Self employed income

    • Retirement income

    • Trust fund recipient's

    • Borrowers who have large investment portfolios

    • Complex Asset Portfolios

    • Example - borrower is 73 years old:

      • Borrower's income is $5,000/month /DTI is high...needs additional income to qualify

      • Borrower has $1,000,000 "liquid" assets

      • Mortgage calculation based on the borrower's age:

        • Present Value = 1,000,000

        • Rate = 5.000%

        • Amortization = 12 years/The borrower is 73 years old

        • Result: $9,249/month additional income for qualifying purposes
          Borrower now has $5,000 income + $9,249 = $14,249 to qualify with


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