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  • Ability to finance up to 90% of the property value with asset pledge to reduce LTV

  • Any person may pledge assets on behalf of borrower

  • Available on selected portfolio products Primary, Second home, Investment property allowed

  • Ability to defer capital gains tax by retaining the investment strategy while receiving benefit from interest, dividends, and investment growth

  • Cash accounts calculated at 1:1

  • Pledged accounts may be considered for release after 36 months at investors sole discretion

    • New appraisal must reflect pledged LTV at time of release request, must be equal to or less than original effective LTV

    • Borrower must be current on loan payments with no delinquencies in the last 12 months to qualify for pledge release



$2,000,000    100%  Purchase Price

$700,000        35%   Required down-payment


$200,000        10%   Cash Down Payment

$500,000        25%   Pledge the rest


$1,800,000     90%   Actual Loan Amount & LTV (No MI)

Amount of Assets to Pledge:

$500,000         1:1    Non-Volatile Assets - savings, CDs,                                            money-market accounts

$1,000,000      2:1    Volatile Assets - stocks, bonds, mutual                                        funds, etc.

Loan Products and Features

  • Vesting title in entities

    • $250.00 One time document review fee

      • LLC's,

      • Trusts,

      • Partnerships

      • Sub S Corporations

    • Pledged Asset

      • Loan Program - 90% financing for sophisticated borrowers

      • $250.00 one time document review fee

    • Expanded property types

  • Depletion of Assets for income

  • Portfolio Lender -Expanded Guidelines

  • Focus on A+ quality full doc Loans (700+ credit scores)

  • Loan amounts to $5,000,000 million (May go higher, case by case basis)

  • Exception Lending - With a simple process and quick turn-around










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